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let's get freaky!

I'm gonna go ahead and skip the formalities - we're all friends here right? Well, whether you like it or not we will be! Few things about me - I get far too excited about sunrises and sunsets, I can't start my day without a hot cup o' matcha, and talk way too much to my pup Skylie! Travel is my thang, and I love the hell out of long drives, audiobooks, and mountains. I LOVE mountains. Photography gets me giddy with excitement y'all - I legit get an adrenaline rush after a photoshoot. The body shaking, giggling type of adrenaline rush. And I hope you know, you're always welcome to join me on an epic adventure to capture your unique and very much you love. 

I'm so Damn stoked you're here! and chances are, I can't F-ing wait to work with you!!

hey hey hey!!!

Don't take life too seriously & aren't offended by excessive swearing and inappropriate jokes. I don't censor myself - unless there's kiddos involved 'cause I'm not an animal! But really, when we hang out you'll get the real me. No suited up, stiff and proper photographer that will show up and tell you to say cheese. Instead, you'll get the weirdo that stands an inch away from your faces while telling you to "get in there!" and make out. Or the one that's laying on the ground between your legs to get the "perfect" shot. I'm the one that will encourage you to get messy, get weird, and have some freaking fun! 

Love to have fun and step outside the box. No cookie cutter photoshoots here y'all! Let's do something fun that truly represents your love! Whether you like to hike, chill on the couch while eating pizza, or going to book stores. We will make your photoshoot all about you and celebrating your love. We will hike, or hang out in your home, or go find a cool old bookstore! In the words of the great Barney Stinson "challenge accepted"

This is probably the obvious one but - if you love the hell out of each other then you're the ones for me!!! And not that "no PDA type of love"... hell no! I want you all over each other, can't take your eyes away and scream it off the tops of mountains. Whether you're the steamy, fiery type of love or the goofy, silly, can't stop laughing type. I don't discriminate. 


You're my people if

"Katie was an absolute dream to work with, she was so professional but also kept it light and fun! She truly made my wedding day that much more special. I will forever recommend her to anyone that needs a photographer. She truly is an amazing photographer and person!!" - Tyler & Connor

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