I didn't spend my childhood with a camera. We couldn't afford that shit! I studied nutrition, was a nanny, attended the police academy, managed restaurants, moved to California just to move back to Chicago when the twins were born. I've dabbled and done it all, but nothing quite made me as happy as photographing couples in love. My best friend Jacey got me started and now I get to work with her on pursuing our passions and dreams and I can't imagine a better life! Let's adventure together and make your special day something completely, utterly, uniquely YOU. 

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Most days you can find me working at home, drinking some type of tea, cooking something delicious, snuggling with skylie under one of our 100's of blankets or hanging out with my stupidly perfect, silly and fun niece and nephew (photo below). I absolutely hate structure and I don't do things the way most people think i "should". I'd much rather pack up and take a road trip to some cool ass mountains and take a 15 mile hike rather than stay at some swanky all inclusive resort. i love shitty romantic comedies as much as i love creepy serial killer movies. all music is my kind of music I DON't discriminate but I have a special place in my heart for flogging molly & the ramones. i snort when I laugh and absolutely hate bras! I'm all about showing you just how beautiful and special you really are, and will never allow you to talk badly about yourself (because you're amazing - no matter what!) - I'm about the real, the messy, the silly and unique... give it all to me and I will capture it in the best possible way. 

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